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We believe that the climate and biodiversity crises are the most pressing challenges of our time, accelerating and worsening all other social and environmental issues. Our purpose is to support mission-driven entrepreneurs to realise their visions of a better planet for current and future generations. We believe that transformative ideas beat incremental ones and that the most valuable companies of our time will be solving our biggest problems.


change mobility for good

TIER is here to change mobility for good. We believe it’s time to make space for the actual inhabitants of cities: You! Take back your city and rediscover a long-gone feeling: the joy of movement. Just follow your instincts, get moving and see all the city has to offer: Inspiration, diversity, and opportunities.


voices of billions

Dalia was founded in 2013 with a vision to change the way attitudinal data is collected. We are a growing team of data scientists, programmers & creators.


getting rid of SF6 from the grid

Nuventura was founded by a switchgear expert and experienced entrepreneurs. Our vision is for an efficient and sustainable global power sector free from SF6 - the most potent greenhouse gas


carbon offsetting and education

A subscription-based, socially integrated and gamified carbon offsetting company, helping users to calculate, offset and shrink their carbon footprint.


AI cutting food waste

Food waste is a major climate issue - responsible for roughly 8 percent of global emissions. Fountain9's AI engine, Kronoscope, drastically reduces food waste and profit loss by constantly sensing changes in inventory demand patterns so users can adapt quickly and prevent inventory pile ups and wastage.


smart building platform for sustainable buildings

The Infogrid smart building platform combines the world's smartest IoT sensors with powerful AI to automate and optimize facilities and building management. Their end-to-end system enables Facilities Managers and estate owners to create efficient, healthy, and sustainable buildings, whilst strengthening compliance and reducing costs.

REE Technology

new sustainable transport for cities

REE is working on a completely unique solution to transport. Their technology will deliver safer and more sustainable transportation to metropolitan areas that is also affordable and accessible for all.


breaking down barriers in finance

heyfina is redefining the whole experience of investing so that all people feel able to take control of their finances. They are making it simple, effortless and fun to get started with investing and provides guidance along the journey.


bringing healthy fasting to the world

Fastic is a dynamic, international company dedicated to revolutionizing holistic health with intermittent fasting. Since 2019, Fastic has helped millions of people in over 50 countries to lead healthier, happier and more balanced lives.


regenerative farming solution

Regenerative agriculture has the power to fight climate change by capturing and storing carbon dioxide in the soil, whilst at the same time benefiting farmers and producing healthier food. Klim’s platform helps to make this vision a reality by supporting farmers to find appropriate regenerative practices, scale them up and earn through the carbon credit market.


refillable products preventing plastic waste

Stopping single-use plastic is a major concern for ocean health and the climate crisis. A key solution to this issue is 900.Care’s subscription-based, refillable packaging (made of 50% recycled plastic!) for hygiene and beauty products.


MRI reimagined

DeepSpin is developing a next-gen, AI-powered MRI imaging machine at a fraction of the cost, size and weight of standard systems. Unleashing the power of generative topological design for our hardware and super-resolution deep learning on MRI images, we are taking medical imaging to the digital age. Through our proprietary technology, we will be making MRI accessible to every patient globally.


affordable zero-emission parcel delivery

Hived is taking on the unsustainable and diesel-guzzling sector of last-mile deliveries. With their innovative model, AI-power navigation system and sharp team, they are bringing green deliveries to the mass market across the UK.

Carbon Re

reducing hard-to-abate industries’ carbon emissions

Carbon Re has developed a state of the art AI solution to help foundational industries reduce their energy consumption, costs and crucially their carbon emissions. Their software uses reinforcement learning to enable instant reductions, with no capital expenditure.


Leading the renewables revolution

Enpal are helping tens of thousands of homeowners to produce their own green energy, using the free energy of the sun for decades - instead of paying increasing electricity bills to the old energy companies.


next gen building insulation

Thermulon's unique process for producing aerogels will be affordable, easily retrofittable, fire retardant and highly thermally efficient. This means that it takes up a minimal amount of space while improving buildings’ energy efficiency, saving on costs and carbon.


a sustainable grocery experience.

No more single use plastic, sustainable sourcing, fresh and local ingredients, transparency about your impact. Alpakas take the effort out of consuming sustainable.


scaling green deliveries

Connecting green couriers with demand to make all deliveries green. The team is focused on scaling fast without sacrificing convenience and experience.


intelligent CO2 management

Planetly is building the software for companies to analyze their carbon footprint based on their real data, helps to reduce it in the most pragmatic way and makes it possible to offset the rest. We believe in transparency and action to fight the climate crisis. Therefore we made it our mission to build the tools for the economy to step up to their responsibility!

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Founded through entrepreneurship,
led by sustainablilty.

We invest and support teams, that have the vision to tackle real challenges with impact for the environment as well as in public health, democracy, nutrition, and transportation.

Lawrence Leuschner

Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

As an impact entrepreneur, I am committed to fighting climate change by building businesses with a sustainable vision. I am convinced that every sector must take actions today to protect our planet. Since I can remember, I have felt uncomfortable with how wasteful we as societies treat our resources. So I have dedicated my personal and professional life towards sustainability on all fronts.

That early passion first meant taking the trashed returns of my Dad’s warehouse and selling them on the flea market at the age of 9. Then as a teenager I started my first ‘real’ business in high school with trade-a-game, a second-hand platform for video games which evolved into, the leading circular economy platform for repaired and refurbished media and electronics, which went on to extend the life of 100 million products. After 15 years dedicating my life to the circular economy I took a break to travel the world. At the time of my exit, the company had surpassed €100m revenue and turned profitable.

My 18-month journey around the world showed me how much we need to act on global warming. Seeing natural devastation up close sharpened my mind to focus even more on climate change. Then a UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) report helped me better understand the key drivers of that change, with transport and mobility at the heart of global warming. With how people get around their cities central to that problem, the idea of TIER was born.

Now Europe’s leading player in its field, my amazing team of 1,600 is on a shared mission to change mobility for good. That means not just offering greener ways to get from A to B but also setting a high bar for others to follow - from pioneering sustainable swappable batteries to being the first in the sector to go fully climate-neutral. Across 130+ cities and a range of shared electric modes - scooters, bikes and mopeds are just the start - we are shifting people out of cars and onto safe, sustainable transport. We’ve made game-changing progress so far, yet are at the early stages of a hugely exciting journey for TIER.

Alongside my mission at TIER, there is Blue Impact Ventures, a fund I founded in 2018 to back leading players in the green tech impact space. Based on years of scientific research, we identified sectors that we believe will spark the turnaround in the CO2 race - from clean mobility and regenerative farming to solar housing and food waste reduction. I have even pledged my entire stake in TIER to the climate mission through Blue Impact, with all profits re-circulated in the fund.