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We believe that the most valuable companies of our time will be solving our biggest problems, and our purpose is to support value-driven entrepreneurs realise their visions of a better planet for current and future generations. We believe that transformative ideas beat incremental ones and that the UN SDGs need to be at the core of each investment.


change mobility for good

TIER is here to change mobility for good. We believe it’s time to make space for the actual inhabitants of cities: You! Take back your city and rediscover a long-gone feeling: the joy of movement. Just follow your instincts, get moving and see all the city has to offer: Inspiration, diversity, and opportunities.


voices of billions

Dalia was founded in 2013 with a vision to change the way attitudinal data is collected. We are a growing team of data scientists, programmers & creators.


getting rid of SF6 from the grid

Nuventura was founded by a switchgear expert and experienced entrepreneurs. Our vision is for an efficient and sustainable global power sector free from SF6 - the most potent greenhouse gas


carbon offsetting and education

A subscription-based, socially integrated and gamified carbon offsetting company, helping users to calculate, offset and shrink their carbon footprint.


AI reducing food waste

Fountain9's AI engine, Kronoscope constantly senses changes in inventory demand patterns so users can adapt quickly and prevent inventory pile ups and wastage. Kronoscope uses an ensemble of multiple ML and deep learning algorithms to auto-train a custom model for each SKU in every store, warehouse or channel.


smart building platform for sustainable buildings

The Infogrid smart building platform combines the world's smartest IoT sensors with powerful AI to automate and optimize facilities and building management. Their end-to-end system enables Facilities Managers and estate owners to create efficient, healthy, and sustainable buildings, whilst strengthening compliance and reducing costs.


remote medical support

GYANT combines messaging, AI, and medical experts to radically improve the diagnosis and treatment of non-urgent conditions. GYANT makes treatment faster, more effective & more delightful. Our purpose is to transform healthcare from the outside in — to create a new care standard for everyone.

Nude Food

make change simple and delicious

At Nude Food our guests get more than delicious bowls. Nude Food is natural, healthy and super tasty. The ingredients are purely vegetable, come primarily directly from the environment and are full of important nutrients. Super tasty food without the bad conscience. Just enjoy and feel really good.


MRI reimagined

DeepSpin is developing a next-gen, AI-powered MRI imaging machine at a fraction of the cost, size and weight of standard systems. Unleashing the power of generative topological design for our hardware and super-resolution deep learning on MRI images, we are taking medical imaging to the digital age. Through our proprietary technology, we will be making MRI accessible to every patient globally.


intelligent CO2 management

Planetly is building the software for companies to analyze their carbon footprint based on their real data, helps to reduce it in the most pragmatic way and makes it possible to offset the rest. We believe in transparency and action to fight the climate crisis. Therefore we made it our mission to build the tools for the economy to step up to their responsibility!

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you need to tackle at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals with a clear impact KPI

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Founded through entrepreneurship,
led by sustainablilty.

We invest and support teams, that have the vision to tackle real challenges with impact for the environment as well as in public health, democracy, nutrition, and transportation.

Lawrence Leuschner

Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

While still in school, Leuschner founded the Internet platform Trade-a-game GmbH. Within three years the company developed into Germany's largest online retailer for pre-owned video games. In 2011 Trade-a-game GmbH was renamed ReBuy, which under Leuschner's leadership from 2004 to 2017 , became the largest online retailer of electronic used goods in Europe.

Through repairs and reconditioning, the company extended the life cycle of around 100 million products and shipped goods to over four million customers. When Leuschner left the company in 2017, first for a sabbatical and then for good, ReBuy employed more than 500 people, turned over more than 100 million euros a year.

During his sabbatical, Leuschner traveled through South and Central America, where he was confronted with the effects of climate change. He finished his sabbatical in California, from where he returned to Germany with the idea of an e-scooter sharing platform.

In August 2018 Leuschner co-founded the shared mobility provider TIER Mobility in Berlin and since then acts as its CEO. In the Series A financing, TIER received a total of over € 132 million in venture capital. According to its statements, the company reached the milestones of one (April 2019), two (June 2019) and three million trips (June 2019) faster than any competitor. In September 2019, TIER announced that it had crossed the threshold of 10 million journeys. TIER currently employs over 500 people and offers its service now in more than 65 cities in 10 countries.